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DIY Teabags — The Perfect Last Minute Gift!

The holidays came up fast this year, so we developed these DIY tea bags as a fun and unique gift that also shares the healing benefits of all these amazing herbs we've been learning about.

Back in November, we created aHealing Herbsarticle and e-course that focuses on introducing 8 herbs. These herbs were chosen because they are incredibly versatile, are easily accessible (and can be grown yourself if you really want!), and contain some or all of our four primaryterpenes. All of them can be consumed fresh or dried, can be infused or extracted, can be smoked or vaporized, and are available as essential oils.# The Best CBD Lotion by JustCBD

Materials for Making Your Own Tea Bag

coffee filter


toxin-free string

download of ourprintable tea tags

cardstock paper (we used a beige color)

black and white printer

xacto knife, cutting mat + ruler(or scissors)

hole punch

There are two designs that reflect a couple of our personal favorite blends as well as a blank tag so that you can fill in the ingredients of your own personal creation and note any therapeutic benefits it may have. cbd honey

Check out our post on how to make your own herbal blend. The best part of these little bags is that they can be used for tea, thrown into a bath, or even opened up and smoked or vaporized.

There are tons of coffee filters out there, but these are the ones we already had in our home. If you have a different style, review these steps to get a baseline then get creative with your own filter! The only real concern here is ensuring that your herbs won't escape the filter.

Center coffee filter on a flat, clean surface with the bottom edge parallel to yourself

Fold both sides in so that they are perpendicular to the bottom edge

Fold the top half down so that it is parallel to the bottom edge

It's a good idea to firmly crease this fold with your fingernail, a spoon, or burnisher

Open the top flap back up and fold both corners in at a 45° angle

Your filter should now look like this

Fold top flap back down and firmly crease

Open filter back up and add herbs of choice

If the idea of making your own herbal blend stresses you out, check out our review of a few different herbal blends

Insider tip: Consider purchasing 1 large tin ofa blend by Bear Blendthen make your own tea/bath bags to gift them to friends and family!

Carefully refold filter around herbs

Make sure to keep the herbs in the bottom portion of the filter so that they don't escape

Your filter should now look like this

We've designed tea tags that you can download and print below.There are two designs that reflect a couple of our personal favorite blends and a blank tag so that you can fill in the ingredients of your own personal creation.

Fold string in half

Thread folded end through the hole in the tag

Thread the loose ends of the string through the loop

Pull string taut

Place string onto bag

Staple string, leaving a little excess hanging out the other side

Your filter should now look like this

Tie a knot around the staple

If you made your own blend, fill in the blank spaces on the tag so you can remember what's inside and what it can be used for (review our Healing Herbs article for therapeutic properties of our 8 favorite herbs below)


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